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To welcome our music pros, we are offering free membership for all users that apply for early access invitation until July 1st!

To start off this community network with the best of the best, we vet every music creator before extending the invitation. We welcome all submissions, but ask that only career songwriters, composers and producers apply. 
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PRO Pricing

Our membership is available into 2 packages, annual or 6 month. Membership includes all features, as well as access to all community in-person or virtual networking events, seminars, our In:Session weekly show, merchandise giveaways and partnership discounts.


6 month membership access. Billed twice annually via automatic subscription inside network.


12 month membership access. Billed once annually via automatic subscription inside network.

Best Deal!!

Subscription can be cancelled anytime. Usage of network would continue until end of paid date. 

Now Available in US, CAN, UK

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